• Kim Erixon
    Handcrafted Art-to-Wear

    Unique jewelry and objects of art created exclusively by the hands of artisans who we have collaborated with in a fair trade venture of sustainable art-to-wear since 1989.

    Kim Erixon, Handcrafted Art-to-Wear

  • The Naturalists, Starfish Ocean Jewelry

    The Naturalists

    Finding beauty in the forms and structures of nature is the inspiration for the Naturalists Collection. The forms are flowers, vines, leaves and the organic structural shapes of the oceans. Colors of the deep rich forests and warm tones of meadows alive with butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds. The oceans starfish, coral and bubble shaped jewelry are vibrant in turquoise, blues and coral reds.

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    The Naturalists, Vines, Leaves, Beaded Necklace

  • Bohemian Fruity, Flamboyant Jewelry

    The Bohemians

    The original Bohemians were roving gypsy outsiders living apart from conventional society. We too can live life following our instincts rather than rules. Make the best of the present; pursue simplicity and openhearted acceptance.  The Bohemian Collection is expressed by Carmen Miranda and her iconic flamboyant fruity accessories, a cornucopia of fruits, berries and exotic pom-pom shapes in the bright clear colors of the tropics.

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    Bohemian Exotic Beaded Jewelry

  • Modernist Art Deco Jewelry

    The Modernists

    Modernism is a trend of thought which affirms the power of humans to improve and reshape our environment through knowledge, technology and practical experimentation.  From the Art Deco style with its bold use of geometric shapes and sweeping curves to graphic black and white contrasts, the Modernist Collection includes strong clean shapes in contrasting primary colors, cubes, ovals and chain links.

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    Modernist Art Deco Geometric Jewelry

  • Romantics Floral Jewelry

    The Romantics

    Romantics are inspired by their heart, art and nature. The poetic life style of the tender and idealistic of temperament. Profusions of bouquets and poesies. Flowers worn to express sentiments of the heart. Wrist corsages and sensual hair ornaments. Soft feminine pastels and shades of vintage lace and pure white with linen tones. Romantic jewelry worn as symbols of love.

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    Romantics Flower Jewelry

Connecting Cultures with Wearable Art

Our Collections are a preservation of a cultural heritage that unites natural forms with the elegance and simplicity of glass beads. Each bead is individually selected and woven into a unique design by the energy of human hands with meticulous attention to detail, quality and originality. Each design is more than a fashion piece, class badge, decoration, or profit margin; instead they represent an ideal of a better world for us all where design is an embodiment of the spirit of a fair trade business model.

Kim Erixon has done business for over 25 years; telling the truth about her products and serving the needs of both her customers and the artisans she supports. Doing business with us supports this goal and makes you part of this bigger picture. Thank you for your support.